Mister Trece

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Mister Trece who is our December Selected Artist

Please feel free to email Mister Trece at: luismister13@gmail.com

Mister Trece








Mister Trece paints creepy things…that’s a good way to describe himself and his art. He doesn’t call himself an artist because he want to show concepts about our own history. One thing about us: we still have fear of the unknown, the dark and the night, the death still running our life in the same way since day one…

His influences come from so different worlds. From the horror movies from the 70s to the 90s, the originators; to ancient cults, religions, the paranormal, horror folk stories all around the world, philosophy, urban legends, the art from the old Death and Thrash Metal albums, life, death, graffiti, timeless art from Delacroix, Caravaggio…and everything in between.

His tools are aerosol spray, ink, kleenex, cotton, ashes of cigarettes and whatever he can use to give a raw, rotten texture on canvas or even simple cardboard. Loud music and lots of coffee plays an important role in his art, too.

Since he started painting graffiti, he wanted to create his own style, and break labels and concepts, so that’s why he always showed his art with the image, a text about what it means and a song most of the time: to give a right mood and explain what’s all about when you see those dark works. His work is raw and rotten, and that´s the way he likes it. To create something different and having fun is his goal in making art. Horns up and let´s rock!

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