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Imaginary Still Life
Gilbert Ruiz

All of the artwork on this page has been created by Gilbert Ruiz, who is our April Selected Artist 2

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Gilbert Ruiz
Surreal Sampling

Determinate Flux The Escape

Ode to Matisse

Providence Self Portrait

Imaginary Still Life

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Gilbert Ruiz started drawing as a child and has been an artist ever since.  He attended the Art Institute of Houston, graduated in 2000, and has been enjoying a career in computer graphics as a result (specializing in 3D animation, graphic design, and illustration).

After nearly a ten year hiatus, Gilbert started painting again in late 2008. In the past he had agonized over trying to find his own single style, ultimately realizing it is much more fun, and challenging, to use them all. A surrealist one month, an impressionist the next, Gilbert has recently discovered a deep love of abstract expressionism. He loves the feeling of walking up to a canvas with no agenda and letting the brush do whatever the subconscious wants. In his own words, "Laying down color, line and shape until I love what I see is the ultimate high. It's the only time I truly feel pure."

Gilbert recently began participating in #Draw365.  He co-founded the online initiative on Twitter with fellow Houston artist Regina Agu, in an attempt to create at least one drawing every day for a year (and post it online). Many other artists have joined in since, and an inspiring artists' collective has sprouted as a result. With his recent work being abstract for the most part, #Draw365 has allowed Gilbert to create pictures again, and has unlocked his imagination in the process. Now, the inner surrealist from his youth has resurfaced, resulting in the practicing of art in all disciplines, which is right where he wants to be.

Gilbert hopes to start showing his work in 2010, and has many ideas and plans for new series of works to come. So stay tuned!

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