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February 2017 valentine

February is Women in Horror Month


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For Women in Horror Month, I would personally like to recognize all women in the genre, but especially Ellen Datlow, Lisa Morton, Linda Addison, Elizabeth Massie, Gina Wisker, Susie Moloney, Nancy Holder, Kristen Houghton, P.D. Cacek, Sarah Pinborough, Lucy Snyder, Yvonne Navarro, Tamara Thorne, Nancy Holder, Charlaine Harris, Reyna Young, Monica J. O'Rourke, and so many others. These are just some of the talented ladies who are deeply respected and admired the world over.

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In this February 2017 issue


owen king

The son of Stephen King puts his own stamp on writing. Christian A. Larsen interviews Owen King for The Horror Zine HERE


Joe Lansdale

Fiction from Mr. Mojo himself, the best-selling author of Cold in July and the Hap and Leonard series, Joe R. Lansdale HERE

That's not all!


What makes this family an extremely rare statistic? Find out HERE

best of jeani rector

This book by editor Jeani Rector is not only guaranteed to scare you, but it is ON SUPER SALE for 99c HERE

Still More:

In this issue of The Horror Zine:

In Fiction:

The Horror Zine is proud to present fantastic fiction by Joe R. Lansdale, Konstantine Paradias, A.P. Miller, and Matt Hayward.

In Poetry:

The Horror Zine displays the dark delights of Autumn Lala, Daniel G. Snethen, and Ron Larson.

In Art:

The Horror Zine shows the stunning selections of Vitaly S. Alexius, Kim Lennard, and Denise Hrouda.

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