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skull June 2021

Summer is coming, and The Horror Zine is ready for fun in the sun.

The Horror Zine is now accepting submissions of fiction and art for the ezine. To learn more, go HERE


Note: The Horror Zine has changed some of its formatting to accommodate cell phone usage for reading. Instead of tables as a format, now some pages use the entire page as its single format, much like the Home Page always has been.

In this June 2021 issue


mort castle

Pro-writer Mort Castle gives The Horror Zine an exclusive article about rejections, and what they actually mean HERE



Bram Stoker Award-winner John Everson gives The Horror Zine a story of "walking danger" HERE



On this month's Morbidly Fascinating Page, we present open caskets for the last goodbyes HERE

That's not all!


On this month's Oddities in the News Page, we show someone who escaped a shark attack, and some who didn't HERE

Also this month


Many people overlook our News Page, but lots of things are reported every month related to horror news. This month, find out who won the Bram Stoker Awards this year HERE

Still More

In this issue of The Horror Zine:

In Fiction:

The Horror Zine is proud to present fantastic fiction by John Everson, Maureen O'Leary, Michael J. Moore, and Timothy Wilkie.

In Poetry:

The Horror Zine publishes the dark delights of Joseph Danoski, Claire T. Feild, and Fred R. Kane.

In Art:

The Horror Zine displays the stunning selections of Chris (Kyosti) Dyer and Jolinda Mäkinen.

Welcome to the

June 2021 issue of

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