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June 2017 hair

The early summer weather is pretty. Horror is beautiful.

In this June 2017 issue



Must you always like the protagonist? Brent Monahan discusses it HERE



Photo credit: Hugues Leblanc

Four-time Bram Stoker finalist Nancy Kilpatrick gives us a "chilling" story HERE

That's not all!


The above image is not photoshopped. Find out what happened to "Halfy" and why he is still functioning HERE

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In this issue of The Horror Zine:

In Fiction:

The Horror Zine is proud to present fantastic fiction by Nancy Kilpatrick, James Ward Kirk, Justin Boote, Geoff Nelder, and Peter Ferguson Swarr.

In Poetry:

The Horror Zine publishes the dark delights of Emily Jones, David Subacchi, and Mathias Jansson.

In Art:

The Horror Zine displays the stunning selections of Alois Reiss and Vulture.

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