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May 2019...The month is named after the Greek goddess Maia. The Horror Zine is named after our favorite genre in any month!


In this May 2019 issue



Bram Stoker Nominee Tony Tremblay tells us a story of a terrifying tsunami HERE



The original Queen of the Vampires, Nancy Kilpatrick, tells us why humans are addicted to the undead HERE



Photos like this are all over the internet as proof of time travel. Find out why we are debunking these time travel claims HERE

That's not all!


What is this place, and why does a suburb near San Francisco want the dinosaurs gone? Find out HERE

Still More

In this issue of The Horror Zine:

In Fiction:

The Horror Zine is proud to present fantastic fiction by Tony Tremblay, Thomas Kleaton, Dann Lewis, and Christopher Nadeau.

In Poetry:

The Horror Zine publishes the dark delights of Donna Dallas, Marc Carver, and Maria DePaul.

In Art:

The Horror Zine displays the stunning selections of Judson Michael Agla.

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May 2019 issue of

The Horror Zine










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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